How The Virgin Made
Her Apparition At El-Zeitoun

The Beginning of the Apparition
The Beginning of the Apparition

The Figure of the Apparition, Photographed By Mr. Wagih Rizk
The Figure of the Apparition,
Photographed by Mr. Wagih Rizk
and Published by El-Ahram Egyptian Daily Newspaper
(Issue 29731 - May 1968)
The Photography Department at El-Ahram
Affirmed the Authenticity of this Photo

Another Figure of the Apparition
Another Figure of the Apparition


The Virgin made Her apparition over the domes of the Virgin's Church at El-Zeitoun on the eve of the 2nd of April, 1968. Her apparitions have been characterized by their full clarity. They also took many forms:

Apparitions of St. Mary at Zeitoun, Egypt (REAL Photo) 1. The first was in full luminous stature. She was wearing a long robe extending to below Her feet. Sometimes She was surrounded by bright stars, and at other times She had a shawl about Her head, and Her hands were extended forward.

2. The Virgin used to walk over the church, especially over the middle dome, and to bow in front of the cross that shone, then, with a bright light.

3. She sometimes made Her apparition with a babe in Her arms.

4. She sometimes appeared like a luminous shape over the eastern dome. Her features were clear.

5. The apparition of the Virgin was accompanied with, or preceded by, the appearance of white pigeons that used to circle the church.

6. Sometimes a lightning-like light appeared. It shone for a while and then disappeared. Sometimes a luminous mist spread everywhere and it gave off the strong pleasant scent of incense that pervaded the whole place.

7. I have seen the Virgin myself reflected against the surface of the moon whose disk got bigger as the moon got nearer to the church. The Virgin made Her apparition carrying a babe in Her arms.

The Virgin went on making Her apparitions for a whole year and in the sight of thousands of thousands. It is my personal belief that the Virgin has a sacred mission that indicates serious events to come and promises a lot of good to our country.

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