The Church And The Consideration
Of Mary As Blessed


"From henceforth all generations shall call me blessed." (Luke 1:48)

The Church considers Virgin Mary blessed. At the beginning the 'Creed of Faith' we say: "We honour thee, O Mother of The True Light and glorify thee, O Virgin Saint Mary."

In our prayers (those mentioned in El-Agbeya) we seek the Virgin's intercession to have our requests granted.

On offering the incense, the priest faces the North and says: "We give thee peace with Gabriel the Angel saying, 'Peace be on thee who art full of grace.' "

At the blessing, the priest says, "O God let the Christians enjoy a better state through the prayers given forth at all times, on our behalf, by our Lady and Queen Saint Mary the Mother of the Lord."

Likewise, at the blessing at the end of the liturgy, we say "The blessing of Mother of the Lord, the chaste Saint Mary, first and last."

The Church also chants; "The golden incenser is the Virgin, and its pleasant scent is our Saviour."

In the 'Reconciliation Prayer', the priest places the incenser holder saying "(Christ) incarnated taking the human form." After the Reconciliation Prayer, the Church chants; "Through the intercession of God's mother, Saint Mary, O God, grant us forgiveness of our sins." Then, we have the hymn of, "O Mary, may your heart be gladdened... "

In the 'Assembly of Saints' (Part of the Mass) we say, "O God, consider those who have followed thy ways from the beginning, and consider, in particular, the Saint who is full of glory, the Virgin for ever, the Mother of God."

In the 'Confession' we say, "This is the body that gives forth life and which Thy only Son has got from our Lady and Queen, the God's Mother, Saint Mary.'

Indeed, the blessed memory of Mary is held in reverence by everyone. Indeed, no one has better right to that, isn't She the God's Mother?!


In many places in the Koran, there are references of esteem and of extreme respect to Virgin Mary. She has been chosen by God while other women have been cast off. She has not been touched by man and God has made Her and Her Son the wonder of the world.

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