The Apparitions Of Virgin Mary
At Zeitoun Church, Egypt
The Papal Delegation

H. H. Pope Kyrillos VI, 116th Pope of Alexandria (May 1959 - 9th March 1971)
H. H. Pope Kyrillos VI,
116th Pope of Alexandria
(from May 1959 till March 1971)


Some priests of high rank were then delegated by His Holiness Anba Kyrillos VI, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the Holy See of St. Mark in all Africa and the Near East (at the time of the apparitions), to make researches and investigations on the spot. They stayed there for several nights enquiring and investigating until they saw with their own eyes the blessed Virgin's apparition in the full form moving on the domes and blessing the multitudes in front of the church.. During that period She was seen in different forms, all in luminous vivid body; sometimes in a bust, and sometimes in full form, always surrounded by a white glittering halo and making Her appearance either from the dome openings or from the space between the domes on which She used to move and march and bow before the Cross on the church roof, making it emanate a magnificent light. She used also to face the multitudes of people in front of the church and bless them with Her hands and with nods from Her blessed head.

Sometimes the apparition was in the form of a celestial body like a glittering white cloud or in the form of light preceded by some spiritual forms such as doves of great speed.

The apparitions used to last for quite a long time; on April 30th 1968 they lasted for two hours.

The apparitions have been witnessd by many thousands of citizens and foreigners belonging to different religions and sects, with groups of religious organizations and scientific and professional personages and all other categories of people who have proclaimed and announced their witnesses.. all giving the same particulars as to description and form and time and place, that unanimity has placed the matter of Virgin's apparition beyond any doubt.

This apparition has been accompanied by two important matters:
1. The first is the strong belief in God, the other world and the saints, thus having many of the unbelievers and those of weak belief repent and be regenerated through their new true belief.
2. The second is the miraculous cure that has occured to many patients whose cases have been examined by all concerned, medically and scientifically.

Miraculous Cures at Zeitoun:
Upon visiting The Coptic Church of Zeitoun many patients suffering from incurable diseases have been miraculously cured. The Papal Committee have examined the cures medically and scientifically. Blindness, paralysed organs, cancer and dumbness have been miraculously cured by supplicating the Blessed Virgin in the Zeitoun Church dedicated to Her. Doctors were amazed and officially reported that there was no medical explanation for such cures.

We hope that this blessing will be a sign of peace to the world and good omen of prosperity to our beloved patron and blessed nation.

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