Prayer To Jesus Sweet Master

Jesus, my sweet Master, I love you so much,
help me to be like you want me to be.
I am so small and poor,
but You, Jesus, who are my Master,
can help me, you must help me to convert.
I always want to live united with You,
like the shoot with the vine,
and I want my brothers to know and love You by means of me.
Jesus, sweet Master, your kindness is immense.
Let joy be read on my face
and the security of being a son of God.
When You come into my heart, give me your peace,
let me feel that You are with me,
to face together the day
that I desire to live like a gift of yours.
Jesus, my sweet Master, I need your grace
to become more and more similar to You,
I need your love
to defeat my selfishness.
I want to come with You into Paradise
and for the moment fill my heart with this need.
Jesus, my sweet Master,
love me as poor as I am.

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